Operation Gang Up

Warning Signs

Legislative Committee Description
The legislative committee will work to put gang legislation in place in Pennsylvania. The committee has been meeting throughout 2012 to draft the Commonwealth’s first piece of gang legislation that defines a gang and makes it illegal to recruit gang members.
Additionally, the committee will evaluate legislation in other states to determine what may be appropriate for Pennsylvania in order to deter gang activity.

Legislative Subcommittee
US Senator Bob Casey
US Senator Pat Toomey
Congressman Lou Barletta (11th)
Congressman Tim Holden (17th)
Congressman Tom Marino (10th)
State Senator Lisa Baker (20th)
State Senator John Blake (22nd)
State Senator John Gordner (27th)
State Senator John Yudichak (14th)
State Representative Karen Boback (117th)
State Representative Mike Carroll (118th)
State Representative Sid Kavulich (114th)
State Representative Gerry Mullery (119th)
State Representative Phyllis Mundy (120th)
State Representative Kevin Murphy (113th)
State Representative Eddie Day Pashinski (121st)
State Representative Ken Smith (112th)
State Representative Edward Staback (115th)
State Representative Tara Toohil (116th)



What You Need To Know - Brochure (.pdf)

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