Operation Gang Up

What Parents Can Do!

What Parents Should Know?
Parents can deter children from involvement in gangs:

  • Instill good values
  • Ask questions and encourage discussion
  • Follow up on children’s school work and talk to teachers
  • Have children engaged in sports, music, or other structured after school activities and clubs
  • Know who they hang out with
  • Stay actively involved in your child’s life
  • Lead by example

Warning Signs that could indicate involvement with gangs

  • Obsession with certain clothing, colors, and brands, new and unusual jewelry
  • Utilizes new hand signals and handshakes
  • Discusses gangs
  • Becomes obsessed with violent movies or  video games
  • Begins breaking rules
  • Has new “friends”
  • School grades suddenly drop
  • Shows signs of withdrawal, changes in attitude, and secrecy
  • Suddenly has unexplained cash or other valuable possessions
  • Begins drawing signs and pictures over and over
  • Tatoos

While no one action can stop a child from being successfully recruited to a gang and no one warning sign means they have become a gang member, the objective is to stay engaged in your child’s life and lead by example.
If you suspect your child is involved in a gang, try to encourage discussion with your child to learn more; and consult your local police gang unit and school administration for advice and direction.

What You Need To Know - Brochure (.pdf)

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