Operation Gang Up

What Teachers Can Do!

What Teachers and School Administration Should Know?

Kids more apt to be recruited by gangs and join gangs are:

  • Poor
  • Mental health issues
  • Loners
  • Have been victims of child abuse (mental or physical)
  • Have parents in trouble
  • Have experienced trauma at a young age
  • Have parents not engaged in their lives

Warning Signs that could indicate involvement with gangs

  • Obsession with certain clothing, colors, and brands, new and unusual jewelry
  • Utilizes new hand signals and handshakes
  • Discusses gangs
  • Becomes obsessed with violent movies or  video games
  • Begins breaking rules
  • Has new “friends”
  • School grades suddenly drop
  • Shows signs of withdrawal, changes in attitude, and secrecy
  • Suddenly has unexplained cash or other valuable possessions
  • Begins drawing signs and pictures over and over
  • Tatoos

What to do?

  • Make sure all school personnel have had gang awareness education.
  • Promote an anti gang atmosphere in the school
  • Establish dress codes
  • Discuss gangs with students, encourage discussion, and listen to students talk about gangs
  • Investigate rumors
  • Keep school clean
  • Work with community organizations to establish and maintain after school activities
  • Create school protocol and documentation requirement for reporting gang information

What You Need To Know - Brochure (.pdf)

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