Operation Gang Up

Warning Signs

This quick reference guide provides common warning signs of gang involvement, but may not be all-encompassing. Parents should look for multiple signs to indicate possible gang involvement because
some of these indicators alone, such as clothes or musical preferences, are also common among youth not involved in gangs.

Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with local gang symbols, seek help early, and consider contacting school personnel, local law enforcement, faith leaders, and community organizations for
additional assistance.

exclamation mark    Shows usual interest in one or two particular colors of clothing or logo

exclamation mark  Sign of drug and alcohol use

exclamation mark    Specific drawings of symbols on school books, clothes, walls or tattoos (same colore and logos as above?)

exclamation mark  Speaking in gang slang

exclamation mark  Colored inside pockets or bandannas in certain colors

exclamation mark   Use of hand signs

exclamation mark  Trouble with Authority figures (Police, Teachers, etc.)

exclamation mark  Writing code

exclamation mark  Withdrawing from family

exclamation mark  Unexplained wealth (cash, clothing, jewelry, video games, etc.)

exclamation mark  Declining attendance, behavior, performance at school

exclamation mark  Unexplained physical injuries (bruises from fighting, cuts and bruised hands & knuckles


What You Need To Know - Brochure (.pdf)

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