Operation Gang Up

Warning Signs

There are many reasons why kids join gangs, but like most youth activities, whether criminal or otherwise, most kids join gangs for companionship, love and just to fit in.

The desire to belong to a gang may stem from a variety of motives, but the one thing all gangs have in common is a claim on turf and territory. A gang’s turf may be a block, a neighborhood, or an entire area of the city. Members wear the gang colors, or a particular style of clothes and symbols, which usually indicates luxury and power in certain neighborhoods. Gangs have leaders, and sometimes officers. Drug gangs are different from other kinds of gangs. They are more organized, and much more dangerous. They are responsible for the distribution of illegal drugs from marijuana to cocaine, and heroin to meth. Gang members often sell drugs, carry guns and large amounts of cash, and protect dealers and other gang members from police or rival gangs.

Below is a list of other commen reasons why kids join gangs:

  Financial Benefits



  Peer Pressure

  Family Issues

   Low self-esteem

  Lack of adult supervision

  Status and Reputation from peers

  Desire for Friendship; Sense of belonging

  Portrayal of gang life by Media


What You Need To Know - Brochure (.pdf)

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